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Septic Truck

Septic unit with 2500 gallon single waste compartment c/w TSI 500 gearbox drive pump, 21” diameter manways and stainless heated valve jackets

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- 1500 – 5500 gallon
- ¼” shell and 5/16” heads
- Mounting angles welded to ¼” doubler pads
- Carbon steel or stainless steel hose tray fenders
- Vacuum pumps from 1500 CFM TO 1600 cfm
- Intake and discharge valves from 3” TO 6” (stainless heating jackets an option)
- Hose tray protection in aluminum diamond plate or spray on bed liner
- 21” top and 21” rear manway ( 25” or 36” an option)
- Transway’s primary shutoff with stainless washable filter and stainless float
- Various jetter systems with auxiliary aluminum water tank or tank in tank for larger capacity


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