Parker L90 Control Valve Valve Bank

  • The L90LS is a sectionally-built, load sensing, directional control valve for mobile machinery. The valve is characterised by industryleading properties regarding robustness, control precision and energy efficiency.
  • It has a wide range of selectable functions, offering great flexibility in terms of system structure in simple as well as advanced hydraulic system solutions.
  • The L90LS can be equipped with manually operated, hydraulic or electrohydraulic spool actuators in any combination. Each valve section can be optimised for its particular function in the machinery, with a large range of spools, pressure relief valves, pressure compensators, signal pressure limiters and other performance-enhancing functions.
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Galtech Q130 Valve Bank

  • The Galtech Q130 is a  simple, versatile and flexible sectional valve
  • Complete and versatile sectional valve, suitable for medium/high flow applications. Perfect for Industrial Vehicles, Earth Moving Machines, Lifting and Transport, Agricultural applications
  • This product has a wide range of port valves on working sections to provide increased versatility. The Q130 is made from high resistance cast iron and plated with nickel to insure longevity and durability.
  • Optional unloader solenoid valve - Manual, hydraulic, pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, on/ff and proportional electro-hydraulic controls - Wide range of port valves on working sections - Flangeable block valves
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