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Let Our Experience Work For You

Dec 01, 2023 |   by Transway Systems
Whether you are new to the industry, or a Sewer/Septic veteran, you have likely dealt with the headache of needing a part or repair and being told it will be a few weeks until you can get what you need. We've all held those responsibilities, and dreaded passing that information along to our supervisors.  Unfortunately, lean manufacturing and understocked inventory, as well as skilled labour shortages have only intensified in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fortunately, Transway Systems Inc., located at 314 Lake Avenue North in Hamilton recognized these issues early on, and resolved to keep more than what was needed in stock, to ensure our customers can always rely on us when the need is dire.  We stock everything required for operating these units, including wash guns/wands, clamps, hoses (heater, hydraulic, material transfer), fittings (DOT brass, crimp, adapter), lights (markers, work lights, grommets), valves, and everything in between.  We can also make customer hydraulic hoses as needed.

Transway offers repairs on all makes and models of Hydrovac, Septic, and Sewer equipment as well; and being a custom manufacturer, we can modify or alter as needed to keep your unit working as hard as you do.  We offer transparency and quality communication to work alongside the customer, to keep the unit on the road and working instead of waiting against a fence for repairs.

The next time you need anything for your unit, whether it's a part or repair, come and see us at 314 Lake Avenue North in Hamilton, or give us a call at (905) 578-1000, we'd be more than happy to help.

We're custom built.  Driven by you.