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Jet ahead of the competition with Transway Systems

May 03, 2024 |   by Transway Systems
Raise your hand if this sounds familiar. You or your team is happily pumping out waste on site, only to discover a blocked sewage line. Hours later, a second team shows up to clear the blockage so you can finally finish your day.
Why wait for a plumber, when you can be a one-stop-shop that offers a complete service to your customers?
At Transway Systems, we work diligently to solve problems faced in the field daily, ensuring your teams are working safely and productively. Installing a high-pressure jetter system onto your septic truck is a small change that makes a huge difference. Being able to switch up jobs from pumping to flushing quickly can make the difference between finishing a job on time, and leaving the site with an upset client.
Transway Systems uses robust, industry-certified water pumps, thermoplastic hoses, nozzles, and hose reels that are designed to take the wear and tear of regular use and stand up to whatever you might encounter while pumping waste, including, but not limited to:
Tree roots growing through and clogging up pipework? Chain cutter nozzles are designed to chop right through, leaving flushable debris behind that’s easily pushed out with water.
Compacted waste causing issues? No trouble for a front-jetted breaker nozzle that penetrates using a fine stream of high-pressure water to quickly erode that blockage.
Grease buildup slowing drainage? Nothing a rotator nozzle can’t handle, these handy nozzles use controlled rotation combined with high-pressure water to clean 360° inside pipes, to bring that flow back to where it should be.
Not only can you increase your productivity while on-site, you also save the cost of having to outsource that work to a third party, creating a new revenue stream for yourself instead. This upgrade allows you to bid on different contracts as well, something that pumping-only companies might not be able to accommodate.
At the end of a long day, the jetter system can be used to wash down your vehicle, clean off any debris or waste that might’ve stuck to the unit, or simply clean out the inside of the tank so you can start your next day clean and ready to pump!
Transway System units are custom-built, so the choice is yours whether or not this add-on is for you; but as time goes on, and the industry evolves, we believe this upgrade will become a standard in the coming years.