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Beat the Cold-Weather Blues with Stainless Steel

May 02, 2024 |   by Transway Systems
Cold winters can cause many problems when it comes to servicing portable restrooms, from protecting the restroom itself from freezing damage, to the wear and tear of the vehicle transporting and cleaning the restrooms.  Often times units carry a brine solution onboard to protect the restrooms in cold conditions, but what snowballing (forgive the pun) problems does this cause the transportation vehicle?  Corrosion and extra maintenance, guaranteed.

Fortunately, Transway Systems Inc. designs and builds an entirely stainless steel septic and toilet truck, equipped with multiple heated water compartments, a lightweight aluminum foldable toilet rack, and lots of space to carry tools and equipment.  The use of stainless steel in piping, heated valves, fittings, tank shell, tank heads, and hose trays will ensure that the truck remains in good condition for a longer time while resisting corrosion caused by brine solutions.  Segmented heated water compartments allows you to carry fresh water for cleaning units being collected, as well as corrosive yet freeze-resistant brine all contained in one unit, with lots of leftover room to pump out units during cleaning.

The result of our hard work and dedication to excellence is a sleek, compact, all-in-one unit that can withstand cold winters and caustic brine.  Units with our custom specifications are on the road longer, protecting your investment with less upkeep and maintenance than a standard carbon steel body unit.  As with all of our units, we are custom built, driven by you!